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Text of Maya Flood Myth from Palenque, Temple XIX Platform

posted Nov 28, 2011, 12:59 PM by Gary Daniels   [ updated Nov 28, 2011, 8:04 PM ]
palenque temple xix platform southface photo
The following is the text of the Maya Flood Myth as recorded in Temple XIX at Palenque. It is presented in Mayan as well as English. The question marks in the Mayan version show where Mayan scholars still have some uncertainty in regards to the proper interpretation of the glyphs.
palenque temple xix south panel flood myth

Mayan: 9 Ik' 5 Mol, Bolon K'ahm-aj K'uh u-ti' huun, 22-ji-HUL-ya, (?-?-AHIN-ni) u-ch'ok-k'aba', wah-(a)j-iiy elk'in, i-uht-0, chum-(u)l-aj-0 ta ajaw-le(l); U-KAB-ji-ya YAX-NAAH-hi ITZAMNAAJ-ji, TA-?-CHAN
English: March 10, 3309 B.C., Nine (or Many) Times are the Gods Taken' is the page's margin, it was twenty-two days ago that the second moon, crocodile (it is it's youth name) was 1.16.17 ago that K'awil (God K) was stood up in the east,  (9 Ik') 5 Mol then it happens: God GI is enthroned, (He is seated in the rulership), at the face of the sky, overseen by Yax Naah Itzamnaaj (First Itzamnaaz/First House Itzamnaaj). (Compiled from The Inscriptions from Temple XIX at Palenque)
palenque temple xix maya flood myth
In Mayan: " Ju'n Etz'nab(?) Wak Yaxk'in cha[h]ka[j] ub'aah Way(?) Paat Ahiin(?), Tz'i[h]b'al Paat Ahiin(?); ux [...]waj u ch'i ch'[e]l nak[...]waj, joch'k'a[h]k'aj; i patlaj yeb'tej(?) Ju'n [.........]"

In English: "[On] 1 Etz'nab' 6 Yaxk'in the head of "Hole-Backed Caiman" [(Way(?) Paat Ahiin(?)], "Painted-Back Caiman" [Tz'ihb'al Paat Ahiin(?)], was cut; copiously flowed the blood of the one who raises the stream(?), the one who drills the fire; then the work of Ju'n [ ] formed it"